An introduction to artificial intelligence and how uses AI-solutions.


Artificial Intelligence

Why bother about AI in a workplace where real intelligence (human) is required? Like maintaining assets in infrastructure or smart cities. The beauty of AI – which forms the core of our passion – is that we can determine a set of tasks and let an AI algorithm learn to be extraordinarily good at it. This can be to help human tasks, it is not necessary to replace them. 

A learning computer? Yes, the idea behind most AI is a computer algorithm that is learning from a set of (in our case: geo-) data. It usually achieves this using artificial neural nets, which – like the brain – consist of neurons and connections between them. As the algorithm learns from data, the weights ascribed to the different neurons in the net change, leading to better task performance. A lot of choices regarding problem statements, learning strategies, and a legion of other parameters need to be made and taught before the algorithm works properly. In short, “real” (human) intelligence is required before we can replace it by the artificial kind.

Why AI in asset management

First to automate tasks, later to make predictions. So in short: cut costs, make speed and be more efficient and accurate. Tasks that are now done by human hand can be (partially) automated. This helps gain advantages in terms of speed, cost, but also in error rate. An AI Solution by learns more every time it sees (geo)data. So it gets better and more accurate. Where a human makes mistakes, sometimes because of concentration, or because of lack of knowledge, an AI solution will get better and more accurate every time it sees new data. 

Launching Customers

Very important to understand: the solution is as good as it’s input. What’s said is: ‘Garbage in = garbage out.’ So the data going in, and the way the the computer is taught (by human!) is evident for the results of a model. That’s why we build our scalable models with launching customers. Customers who see a future in automation of asset management and are willing to spend some time and resources to build a model with us. We need their expertise to build a fully automated model that will help save time and costs.

Scalable models

We build models that are fully automated. So no manual work done somewhere in between. We build these models with experts from the market so we are sure that what we build is good! The more data it sees, the better it gets. Also we build scalable models. This means we choose projects which we can scale globally. Where there is a market anywhere in the world. But also there are options to scale and deliver our models with just a few adjustments (like different roads or signs).  

We might be based in the North of the Netherlands, but will be known world wide as the AI company in infrastructural asset management and smart city AI-solutions!  

In the upcoming weeks we will continue to tell you more about artificial intelligence used in asset management. 

Curious whether your company might benefit from AI? Feel free to contact us! We are always ready for a new challenge! You can reach us at or by phone +31 85 1303 474.

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