Kaios.ai uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enrich data and automate processes.

Our company

Kaios.ai is a family business, rooted in the Northern Netherlands and with international ambition.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) to enrich data and automate processes. We see the endless possibilities of technology and want to make full use of them for everyone involved in asset management in infrastructure and public space. Every single day.

Our primary goal is to structurally improve asset management processes through automation and predictive power. We believe this leads to less waste and more prevention options, but also to a higher quality of maintenance and more control.

All our people have a great passion for the power of data and technology. They work hard. Are always ready. They think in terms of solutions. Love to unravel puzzles. Creating what didn't already exist.

Our belief

We have a great passion for the power of data and technology. A strong belief in the possibilities, the opportunities and enrichment through artificial intelligence. At Kaios.ai, we truly believe that smart and careful handling of data can have a great impact. Right now, and in the future.

Kaios.ai is constantly building predictive power. Foresight adds value because it saves money, time and the earth. And it makes life and work safer and easier.

Our commitment

Our commitment is to develop and perfect technology that can fully utilise data. We use artificial intelligence to enrich data. Not just for the sake of it. But always to make discoveries or predictions that were previously out of our reach. We add value in processes for the future of asset management in infrastructure and public space.

Our goal

We want to improve asset management processes in infrastructure through automation and predictive power.

Contact / Support

Visiting address (Airport Groningen/Eelde)

Burgemeester J.G. Legroweg 45-A

9761 TA  Eelde

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 85 1303 474

Mail: info@kaios.ai