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We are launching: AI qualified mobile mapping data combined with AI-driven infra asset management

With the two companies, AI-Infrasolutions powered by Kaios.ai and AI-Infrasolutions powered by MobileMapping.nl, we provide the world’s first AI-driven metadata enrichment platform for infrastructure assets.

We are offering you a full end-to-end solution that will make you stand out in your local infra-asset market. This Includes (but not limited to):

  • AI-prepared data capturing
  • Processing
  • Blurring
  • Local data storage

Publishing and sharing of georeferenced 3D asset digital twins.

AI-Infrasolutions powered by MobileMapping.nl
Based in The Netherlands, AI-Infrasolutions powered by MobileMapping.nl is a fast-growing geospatial data capturing and visualization service provider, aiming to make high-quality data accessible for further processing and enrichment. The use of high-quality sensors guarantees a seamless connection with AI algorithms and 2D/3D/4D platforms.


We capture AI-prepared mobile mapping data!
100% GDPR-proof


AI-Infrasolutions powered by Kaios.ai
AI-Infrasolutions powered by Kaios.ai is a family business, rooted in the North of the Netherlands with international ambition and 100% focus on infra-asset management.

We use AI to enrich data and automate processes. We see the endless possibilities of technology and want to make full use of this potential for everyone involved in infra-asset management.

Our primary goal is to structurally improve infra-asset management processes through automation and predictive analysis. We believe this leads not only to less waste and more preventive measures, but also to an increased quality of maintenance and related controls.
We are going to improve asset management processes through automation and predictive analysis!


Infra asset management powered by ambition and domain knowledge.

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Let’s build together. We want you to become our new local data-capturing partner in your own market. We are setting the new global standard with an AI-driven 3D digital twin content program and want you to benefit from our proven standards and protocols.

The digital twin content program will make you stand out in your local Infra market!

We provide the first end-to-end Artificial Intelligence driven platform for local capturing, processing, blurring, enriching, storage, and usage of geospatial digital twin reality data.

Come visit us in one of our booths in Hall 2 (A2.023) and in Hall 3 (B3.119).

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Jeroen Zanen – Founder & CEO
Paul Noordam – Co-founder & CEO
Martin de Gries – Marketing & Sales Director
Anurag Sarda – Business Development Representative

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