Our consultant will facilitate your search for the automation of asset maintenance. Your question determines the process. We won’t stay any longer than necessary!

Explore the possibilities of AI-solutions for your business

We begin at the beginning:

  • What is your question or wish?

  • We find out what is possible with the available data, knowledge or what may be required in addition.

  • We will build a ‘proof of concept’ and test it with your input.

  • Once you're satisfied, Kaios.ai builds the AI solution for your problem and we ensure that this solution automates your processes and systems.

This is a fully customised approach and one of our data specialists, our Kaios.ai consultant, will walk you through it.

Our Consultancy

One of our generic data specialists will visit your company to analyse the exact question. Which goals (KPls) need to be achieved, what are you looking to solve? What data is already available and what kind of Al-solutions can be built with it. What additional data is needed and how can you fine-tune the process?

In short, our employees facilitate your search for automation in asset management maintenance. And once the solution is found, we leave!

If desired, our development team can build the solution and this process can also be fully supervised by the consultant. Collaboration is necessary, however, because domain knowledge is essential in order for our solution to meet all requirements.