Our AI-solutions for road maintenance.

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Road Markings Detection & Classification

Deep Learning algorithms and Computer Visions techniques  automatically detect and classify road markings (stripes, arrows, lines etc.), reducing manual labour and improving efficiencies. Upload your project to the Kaios.ai portal and our Al-system will update the data within minutes.

The solution and the different possibilities within this solution are shown in this video.

Road Damage Detection & Classification

An innovative, fully-automated solution that efficiently detects and classifies road damage. Thanks to Deep Learning and advanced Computer Vision techniques and the expertise of road damage specialists, road authorities can reduce costly manual labour.

Road Repair Detection & Classification

This solution uses precise, efficient processing algorithms to calculate exactly how much bitumen is needed to repair a road. The solution provides efficient road management, faster billing and reduction of labour-intensive work. See also our Customer Case with Asfalt-Onderhoud for more informatio.

Traffic Sign Detection & Classification

Bypass traditional methods and automatically locate, detect and classify traffic signs. Advanced Deep Learning, GIS algorithms and Computer Vision techniques will speed up the inventory and maintenance process and reduce costly manual labour.

Face/Person/License Plate Detection & Blurring

Our AI-solution ensures that sensitive information is protected, so that your organisation can effortlessly comply with GDPR requirements.