Get your mobile mapping data GDPR compliant!

High resolution mobile mapping systems accidentally capture privacy sensitive images suchas faces, bodies, license plates. This conflicts with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and other data privacy laws. Anonymization is necessary and obliged. Using an on-premises (offline) anonymization software solution ensures privacy, data security and data accessibility.

The AI-InfraSolutions Image Blurring performs automatic blurring in images. The solution is available as a Docker container and blurs people and vehicles.


  • Offline On-premise – runs on your existing infrastructure.
  • 98% success rate for detection and blurring.
  • Works on panorama and planar images (jpg, jpeg, png).
  • AI powered: fully automated.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Highly scalable.
  • Saves human labor blurring costs.


  • The use of the AI-InfraSolutions Image Blurring is through a yearly license.
  • Unlimited use of the solution.
  • Technical support during installation.

There are two variants available:

1. CPU container
The CPU container runs on both the Linux and Windows operating systems when there is Docker
installed on the system.

2. GPU container
The GPU container runs only on Linux operating systems and speeds up the GDPR proofing
substantially. We highly recommend that the host system where the Image Blurring Solution is
being installed has a Linux operating system and a GPU accelerator. It will perform 2.5 times faster.

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